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DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) is a formative reading
assessment that is given to our students three times a year in grades K-3. The
purpose of this assessment is to provide an indication of how a student is progressing
in the Basic Early Literacy Skills (phonological awareness, alphabetic principle,
fluency with connected text, vocabulary, and comprehension). These measures are
linked together and have been found to be predictive of later reading
proficiency. Teachers can use these measures to determine student progress.

Success for All Roots Assessment

The SFA Roots Assessment is a reading placement test that is given to all students in
grade 1 - 3. This assessment measures key phonetic skills as well as
high frequency words. Students are placed in a reading class based on this
assessment. Students in the Roots component of SFA are re assessed using this
assessment on a quarterly basis to track progress.

4Sight Reading

The 4Sight Reading assessments measure how students are performing
on the Arizona State Standards. This assessment is also used as a good prediction
of how a student will perform on the AIMS/AzMerit assessment. The scale scores that are
derived from the 4Sight tests directly correlate to the AIMS scale scores in reading
and math.

SRI Testing:

Galileo Reading and Math

Galileo Reading and Math assessments are given in grades K-3 at the end of each
grading period to measure how proficient students are with the reading and math
performance objectives for that quarter. Teachers use this information to expand on
objectives that have been mastered and review objectives that do not show high
levels of mastery.

AzMerit Testing
AzMERIT (Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching) is Arizona’s new statewide achievement test. Arizona is partnering with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to develop tests which are unique to Arizona.