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Registration Procedures

     When enrolling your child at James W. Rice Primary School, please have your  child’s birth certificate,     
     immunizations,  withdrawal paperwork from their previous school, and proof of residence with you.
     Please have your ID with you when enrolling your student.
     Since classes are grouped by language and reading proficiency, before a student  can be placed
     in a classroom he/she must be tested for the reading program, Success For All (SFA). If the
     student speaks a language other than English, Arizona English Language Learner Assessment
     (AZELLA) scores must be obtained from the previous school.  If the child has not attended an
     Arizona school previous to enrolling at James W. Rice Primary, he/she will be tested.
     When withdrawing a student from James W. Rice Primary, please allow the front office 24 hours
     notice to allow time for the paperwork to be prepared. When withdrawing a student, please be
     prepared to show your ID.